Are you looking for something tasty and healthy to enjoy, that doesn’t affect your weight negatively (weight gain) but rather affects positively without the guilty feeling? Then you are in the right place! : )

Our Cupcakes are tasty healthy snacks made with Pure Fruits. Fruits and ingredients with benefits that can add value to your life rather than take away from it. Giving you a healthier experience.

(read more in the About section – You and Our Cupcakes).

We also try to provide a Tasty Treat for you with dietary requirements. Browse our site, place an order and give us a Taste.

Vision and Mission Statement

My Cupcakes are aimed at helping everyone as a quick and healthy snack, those in fitness, weight loss seekers, Kids, Mums, Cake lovers, Men, Vegans and those with special dietary requirements.

The purpose of my business is to provide an tasty healthier snack for everyone to enjoy with out feeling the guilt of adding on the weight. I would like to impact the Hague, Europe and then the world with being able to gain access to healthier tasty cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches and meals that is catered to all. Being able to also create your own product by selecting the ingredients.

My products help solve to increase a delicious variety of Gluten free and Vegan items as well for those with dietary needs. Eliminating being stuck with purchasing baked items that are either very dry or tasteless because one requires gluten free or cannot have eggs.

My ultimate aim for my business is to grow and have franchises all over the world, so that there is an easier access for people all over the world to enjoy our goodies.